26 March 2008

i think i'd rather misbehave.

bonjour tout le monde.
i'm back and wont take nearly as long to make another post. promise.

One day i came across a picture of a girl that really impressed me. She had a style that was simply and beautifully hers. I could tell from first glance that,sure, she took inspiration from others, but her look was completely personal.I had the pleasure of interviewing this cool chick last month. so here's a little bit of the interview. Presenting....Jane Magnitude ;)

what is your fashion inspiration (person,place,band,magazine,celebrity, nature etc)?
I am largely inspired by the late sixties and early seventies psychedelic movement, also I am inspired by art house films, old sixties star trek episodes, spaghetti westerns, and of course the desert (i just recently spent six weeks in the desert in october/november, it was beautiful) As far as people go I am inspired by Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, Kate Moss (of course), Penelope Tree, Janis Joplin, Mary-kate Olsen, Brigitte Bardot ( my ultimate style icon), Twiggy, and Anna Karina.

how do you feel about trends&fads?
Well, I can't say that I am not inspired by trends or fads, but I try to stick with classic things and not get caught up in what's big for the next five minutes. I think that people should let their own personal style show through, but there is nothing wrong with adopting some trends and fads, it's bound to happen.

what makes fashion so special to you?
How you present yourself is such a big part of our culture and I am just fascinated with style and expressing yourself through what you put on your body, it's so strange.

I absolutely love Jane's style and her outlook on fashion. It's weird how different people get their inspiration from such crazy places like spaghetti westerns. Open your eyes everyone who knows where you'll get your next idea from ;) Hope everyone loves this girl!



Alya said...

she really does look like her style icons.. love the first pic.

Jane Magnitude said...

thanks, love!
-Jane Magnitude