31 January 2008

my new muse

Last week I was sitting on the bus stuck in traffic heading to school. I looked out the window and there was this white van very close to me. It was clearly advertising a plumbing company. I leaned my head forward to see the driver and I froze. As I was listening to Bob Dylan on my iPod, this guy, this burly, beer-bellied, mid-30s plumber was wearing Ray-Bans like no one had before. It didn’t look brand new, it looked grungy, worn out, classic. It was the most beautiful pair of Ray-Bans I’d ever seen. It wasn’t shining or gleaming, but it was loved, used, and cherished by this man and it fit him so perfectly as though he wore it everyday and I’m sure he did. I was in awe of its beauty. He was wearing it with a beat-up shirt, his hair was messy, and he was concentrated on squeezing his van out of the traffic, and his sunglasses were just amazing. I smiled, now that is style. Ever since that morning, I now pay more attention to taxi drivers, electricians, construction workers, any blue-collar workers because I guarantee you, they can be more stylish than you may notice.

Even the ever influential Sartorialist picked up on this with a lovable painter from Milan

It’s completely innocent, carefree and so stylish. I haven’t thought of any more inspiring muse in a long time like this.


sitting in my room


cover my eyes till we find the sunrise


dame de lotus


30 January 2008

it's a cycle.

fashion in its widest sense comprises all outward manifestations of civilized behaviour which receive general acceptance for a limited period of time. man's apparently foolish craving for novelty and change has always been a favourite theme with stirists and caricaturists, but this must not blind one to the fact that fashions in dress play a very important role in civilized society, to say nothing of their importance in the economy of that society. every fashion change hides within itself the promise of the ultimate ideal of beauty, and we are only too willing to believe in the possibility of fulfilment and feel obliged again and again to bow to the dictates of a new fashion. in this way, we are continually being enlightened.

for the wild,




enough said.

29 January 2008

just for kicks i tried.

for the wild,

the elements of style

Being unique, I would like to give you a brief run down of my fashion sense and my beliefs. I am someone who likes being only one of a kind in life and I strive to bring this attitude to others.
Adopting one’s own sense of style or fighting for what you believe for makes it all the harder to fit in as you are taking on the position of becoming a trend setter or leader.

People creating visions and style’s are then those that we end up watching and imitating in the masses. They lead the way forward and after gaining a lot of respect they can convince us that anything may look ‘chique’ or be just the right proportion of colours, with our aimless minds following them.

The best way forward is to think outside of the box and not just copy the models because you like their style, you will be competing with many other owning the same outfit showing no sense of individuality for yourself.

I am not at all saying that people should design their own outfits but at least to try and make their own combinations of clothing would be charming.

I currently reside in Dubai and whenever visiting Europe. Family friends I meet are amazed that I keep my long hair. They are often giving comments, such as, “If you went to my school you would have dyed your hair a long time ago.” Even in Dubai, I have still yet to meet some one with a “Ginger Fro’” as my hair has been sportingly called.

Time’s can change and fashion always changes but simply following the trend is not the way forward, this is why I have never dyed my hair and have always given it the chance to suit me as god had intended it to.

Their will most certainly be thing’s that suit you better then others and just because it suits the resident celebrity is no sign that it will work for you.
Find your own personality and style and stay true to it.
No matter what others may think, sport your own style with confidence.
You will never function better then when you are truly yourself!



this is my wild family.

midnight in the limelight


28 January 2008

why don't you...

wear thick-rimmed black glasses and sequins just for kicks.
i did.

27 January 2008

keep going keep your eyes ahead, this could be the night that the moon turns red.



sometimes i need to feel really young. enjoy the things i use to. enjoy the figures i use to. this makes me happy. this makes me so happy.



26 January 2008

the issue of pants

I think a lot about something I heard Bjork say in an interview once, " I don't wear jeans and a tee shirt because it would be like yeilding to the American cultural imperialism." Which I've always thought was a very interesting statement.It makes me wonder what today's fashions will say about us in a century. hmmmmm... are we too lazy?
anyway, it got me thinking and i realized that i don't really like jeans all that much. i wear them about once every couple of weeks but really - they're so confining. and kinda american-ish? if i can say that.
i think we need a tad bit more flavaa then the ordinary jeans.
that is all.

25 January 2008

Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the stress free man...

I feel as though school is a joke. Sure, the point is to get an education, but sometimes I feel as though the point is to stress us out instead of actually teaching us things. Don't get me wrong, I love to learn. I love to read books, scribble across everything, analyze every symbol, and look at everything. The themes, plot, character development. Classic. But what I feel is going on, is that as students, we are all getting assignments and projects that are stressing us instead of teaching us. Do you think this is just school? Nope. Think about it. Everywhere we go, stress stress stress. Why does society need to be so stressful? Why is it that my homework is permitting me to have 30 minutes of down time per day, and 5 hours of sleep, on average, per night? What happened to the value of learning? And the things we are learning? They just got shoved into a textbook and a curriculum that teachers need to squeeze in before the semester is over. Sure, there will always be some stress, but the pressures and restrictions that are put on me as a teenager make me go mad. 

Just a rant.

Enjoy the picture. 


24 January 2008

23 January 2008

we'd be so less fragile if we're made from metal

a little bit of everything. sometimes i go overboard.


new rave

it's madness. it's crazy. i love it.
this is josh clancy who recently joined our facebook group. i'd like to choose him as style of the week.
not only because his clothes rock, but they convey an instant personality. everyday we see hundreds of people, and one may say that it's shallow to judge them by their outfit. really, your style reveals so much about you.
i have never been against those who choose to follow labels or trends. what i'm against is that they do not realize what it means when you wear these outfits. do you really want to advertise a company across your nunga nungas? is this company really that meaningful to you?
i don't think people should be considered as a piece of advertising ground. be wild. wear what you like.

21 January 2008


Part of the reason fashion interests me so much is that, while its metamorphic qualities can be construed as "disposable", i prefer to think of it as kind of evolving, instead. perhaps that's just me grasping at straws to explain my love of something many people either don't care about or dismiss as the obsession of teenage mallrats. fashion is such a snapshot of the mindset of the culture that creates it - free-spirited, decadent 20's freeing people from the constructive fashions of the decade before, 90's minimalism as a counterpoint to the excessive greed-is-good abundance of the 80's. what differentiates it from what's more conventionally seen as art is that, while i would argue that the fine arts and literature, too, are shaped by the mood of the culture, fashion is specifically that.


girl and boy



lonely and broke. of soul that is. broke in spirit.


follow the pattern,the headlines,the hemlines

I thought i would introduce myself before i start to really write/post anything. I figure it's a lot easier to connect with a writer or at least understand where I'm coming from if you actually know the person behind the blog entries. My name is Sakeisha. Music influences every aspect of my life, especially my fashion sense. My genres of a choice are 80's rock and pop, indie/alternative and yes, some top 40 hits have managed to creep their way into my play list. Not only only do i love expressing myself through clothes, but i love expressing myself through accessories as well. I sometimes follow trends and i'm not afraid to admit that. Yea, I bought two pairs of earrings because i swear i saw Hilary Duff wearing a pair. Lots of fashion lovers cringe whenever they hear me say that, but so what?

Some people are against trends and feel as though trends are the very thing that suppresses individuality, I believe we must be open to them since they are a representation of the society we live in. It's the mirror effect. I must admit that while i'm a sucker for trends I don't just mindlessly follow them. I use current trends as a basis. I feel like everyone needs the framework of trends, current or past, to build their own individuality

So what if someone's personal style changes as each trend comes and goes? Style and fashion is meant to evolve. How can you truly find yourself if you refuse to succumb to societal trends? You need to try different looks to find the real you. Whether people would like to admit it or not, their current fashion style was influenced by a trend they've seen at some point in their life. It's now your job to take that trend and make it your own and have it reflect who you are as a person.

Throughout the years i have tried so many looks for myself. Following those trends have helped me develop into who i am today: a nice blend between 80's hip hop ( gold chains and hoops anyone?), gothic (the love for crosses, rosaries, fleur-de-lys, and the colour black), sophistication (or at least the desire to be) and "glamorous" (the love for big hair, beautiful makeup, heels, jewellery and the desire to own at least one designer item). But, by no means do i feel like i'm finished evolving. I will adopt certain aspects and discard others and in the end (hopefully sooner than later) i will find myself and find that perfect balance of styles. Until then i will continue to flip through my cosmos, vogue, nylon etc. and find fashion inspiration from that.

-sakeisha xo

20 January 2008

nouveau bohemian

The dreamy, bohemian, hippy-age movement that has been so prominent the last couples of years has long passed. Now replaced by the mod, 60’s-inspired, futuristic, androgynous craze on the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks, the fashion industry has deviated away from the WAG-clad peasant skirts and tunics that were donned by every housewife in suburban England and America. What has now emerged some may call the “Nouveau Bohemian” movement, or “boho-tec” as it is also sometimes referred to. That unexpected juxtaposition of the romantic, folksy, boho, and the tough, masculine-inspired, tailored techy side. The underground fashion scene in Paris, London, and Madrid, are credited to this revival, but with a more raw approach.

Long gone are the days of scraggly, long, “bed-hair”, now replaced with sharp, sleek, bobs and classic chic make-up. Mary-Kate and Ashley, known for their “bag-lady” aesthetics and their rekindling of this new movement, donned oversized bags, a zealous appeal for Louboutin heels paired with Lover smock dresses, gold American Apparel leggings, leather on leather, and the play with textures such as leather and leather within the same color family which epitomizes this new bold, high-tech, but still bohemian vibe. Not only has the Hollywood royalty embraced this new direction of the Nouveau Bohemian; Nicholas Ghasquiere, known for his bold and daring visions and innovations, caused a stir at Paris fashion week in fall/winter ’08 season when he showed models clad in fringed Palestinian scarves, cinched waists, bright blue tights, tattered dresses in chiffon embedded with streaks of sequins, and bold colorful sandals paired with thick grey ankle socks.

Which may sound like an odd combination, Ghasqueiere’s nod to the artistic and musical underground scene is an interesting one. Criticized for neglecting the artistic and musical teenage crowd, the fashion industry was shocked at the strange references to the clash of street-style. How could such a prestigious house, such as Balenciaga, with such a decadent history of luxury and prestige, pay homage to such an artistic movement?

Mathew Williamson, another designer known for his colorful and bright embellished tunics also took notice of this new trend calling it “the new silhouette evoking technophile and Tokyo reference.” While some might say, this trend is only reserved for the truly artistic at heart and for the courageous theatrical runway presentations, in Paris, where luxury and glamour rule, has deviated away from this uptight sleek play with volumes and instead staying faithful with the its history of honing upcoming talents and avant-garde beliefs. Internationally renowned for being the hub of revolutionary thinkers and creators, the Paris underground music and artistic scene is the canvas for experimenters with layered connotations of expression and rebellion. What might seem to be externally associated with the “bohemian” side, this movement is also reflective of the turbulence and political uncertainty within France. Young men and women show their support for the Palestinian Intifada or Revolution by wearing the “keffayih” or Palestinian scarf, while also streaming against the American sports-wear influence. While the American Apparel in St. Germain in downtown Paris is regularly frequented by Parisians, it is truly the visionaries of French culture who have created their own sort of “nouveau” identity.

The boho-tec vibe does not only translate on the streets of major cities in the world, and on the runways of world-famous designers; the music industry is where the movement has maybe struck hard or stemmed from. Not only is this a way of dressing, the modernist and creative streak of this new movement is a way of life, which is encouraging. The merge of old and new, cheap and expensive, futuristic and bohemian, is wonderfully exuberant.

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue said perhaps the wisest words about the fashion industry to have been ever said, “You don’t need to even open a newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world, you just need to sit in the front row of a fashion show, and you’ll most certainly know.”

The value of a photograph.

Yesterday, I had a huge concert for this ensemble that I auditioned for in November. Its the kind of thing where you have two long (6 hour) rehearsals, and then play a concert in a beautiful hall. Anyways, I always love these because I get to meet new friends, and see my old friends...etc. But i've done so much music and so many concerts that I almost don't appreciate every single one. Anyways, this year I noticed this one kid. I remember him singing in the hallway during our break in rehearsal, and I also saw him when we went out for pizza during our 4 hour break before the concert. While I was sitting at a table nibbling on the crust of my sister's cheese pizza, the boy walks in and starts dancing, all by himself, to the cheesy 80's music that they were playing. I never really thought to understand why this kid would sing and dance in these situations where it isn't typical to sing and dance. Oh and another thing about him. He would get up during rehearsal to take pictures. 
Right before we went on stage for the concert, I noticed a poster hanging on the wall. With pictures, of the orchestra, and I knew who had taken them. There was also a description of why he had taken the pictures. I don't recall exactly what it said, but he talked about how one of the conductors for this festival from previous years said that there would never ever be another moment like this concert. even if everyone came together, and played the same instrument in the same chair in 20 years, it would never be exactly the same because everyone would be in different points of their lives. Something to that extent. I was so touched. I went up to him to tell him about how great that simple little poster was and I almost cried. I yapped about it in the car the whole way home, with my parents rolling their eyes because I was talking way too much. Now I understand why that kid  was always dancing and singing. He was enjoying life; enjoying the current situation that he was placed in, with the current people that were placed in this situation. 
He also wrote that the reason that he took pictures was because they were a glimpse into this moment in all of our lives, a moment that we would never get back. That precious 1/16th of a second of a minute of an hour, of a day, of a week, of a month, of a year, of a decade, of a lifetime, that we would never get back. Yet in this picture, we were all together piecing together beautiful music, section by section.
During that concert, I did something radical. I didn't just play for my mom sitting in the balcony, trying to get a good shot of her 3rd chair daughter, or the audience who was scanning to see which musician is the best...I played for myself. And I enjoyed every moment of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, and I enjoyed every moment of Brahm's Hungarian Dance. I wanted to savor those moments, and never let them go. And even though its all over now, I know that for the rest of my life, I will never forget that kid's impact on me. He wasn't just some random kid dancing, and singing, and taking pictures, he was a source of inspiration to me when I needed it most. That is probably the best gift that anyone could have given me. 

My mom has this magnet on our fridge that says:

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it"
-Richard Bach

So go out there and take some pictures. Make those memories last.

I sure will.



three girls


sleep for days don't ever change

fashion is a more valuble part of society than it often gets credit for. one shouldn't feel frustrated with oneself for participating in it when it's one of the most universal forms of expression - not everyone picks up a pen or paintbrush, but everyone picks out an outfit. i feel like i'm being unclear. like, you can get a sense of some of the underlying currents that shaped, say, the latter half of the nineteenth century by:

a) reading a Henry James novel

b) looking at a painting by Ingres

c) studying a dress from that era

but while all three do convey the wealth, opulence, shallowness, and constrictive, austere social climate of the upper class in wester europe and american, only the dress is purely a symptom of that culture, and not concerned with ulterior motives such as a message or deeper meaning or anything else your english teacher tells you to look for. which i think is the value of following fashion, and to some extent, participating in it. it's comparatively shallow, but also a valuble barometer of culture.


poor boy

there's something wrong with society today. the wild hopes given from the american dream to the materialist ways in which we're all growing into. there seems to be no way out.
- Clément

18 January 2008

Like I said...

...life is the full package. Sometimes, I almost wonder if everybody experiences the same amount of happiness and the same amount of sadness in their lifetimes. Though some are less fortunate than others in this world, we all have our bad times, and we all have our good times. We all will lose something in life, and we will also gain something in life. We will all be happy; we will all be sad.

Many people are afraid to take risks, fearing the worst that could happen. Mind over heart is what I like to call it. But I've discovered that even if the worst that can happen does happen, you learned something. I don't think life is about happiness, and success, and the "American Dream" but more about experiences. Get the most you can out of life. Experience it.

See those cords to pull up your blinds?

Pull them.

Take a risk. Don't be scared...

Watch as the blinds fly up. Look at the beautiful sun, and the sky, and the grass and the trees. Or look out and find in shock that your neighbor's house is burning down. Squint to try to see the moving shapes driving along the road you know is there, but can't see through the heavy fog.

Whatever you see, learn from it. Pluck it from a tree, and put it in your backpack. Take risks honey! Because there is nothing to experience until you do.

But never EVER close up those blinds child. You hear me?

I said, do you hear me?


wicked as a joyride jaunt.

I'm so attracted to fasion. behind all the fakeness, it really is an amazing thing. how you can express yourself through what you wear, how it makes you feel when you wear something you truely love, how you just naturally find yourself attracted to certain pieces and repulsed by others, and how everyone does this to different pieces. and it's pretty hard to figure out. why some people choose to idly follow trends, while others could care less, and some put more thought into the process and wear everything the way they like it. and again, this is probably because it's an art that not everyone has, or wants to have. i'm just perplexed by fashion. for some reason, it's pretty mysterious to me.

girl plus robot


Make of me what you will..

Hi. This is me, and my camera. I like taking pictures of everything. Not everything pretty, or slim, or amazing, or whatever. I take pictures of the ugly, the boring, the ordinary. I think that life is the full package. You can't pick and choose what you want out of it. So here you go. The full package of my pictures coming straight at you through this glorious blog.

Please, do enjoy yourselves =)

love, Fred.

17 January 2008

lost in translation.

i looked around and noted the beauty and total content. so this is what it feels like. to be bitter, pissed, and inexplicably happy - all at the same time.


hot milk from the white rabbit


14 January 2008

what you might not realize...

the fashion of most time periods revisit other years in a small way, but the trends of these early 2000's are basically picking an era every season to get completely into.
and this plays in the political/ social scene because everyone's scared, whether of terrorists, invading countries, diseases, or more inward and personal issues.

think back to around ( maybe slightly after) 9/11, when the 1950's look was really stylish. everyone reminisces as that era (meaning the 50's) as being so wholesome, classic, and safe. people were scared, and wanted to go back to that feeling. but perhaps designers were thinking a little deeper, about things like the space race, the cold war, etc. those events were unsettling and somewhat mirrored the US and it's relations in 2001/2002.

then things started to change later on, with more and more people realizing that george bush is a total douche. they protested and tried to change things,similar to the hippies and protesters of the 1960's. except then , the protesters actually effected things. and the protest hippie feeling is the political root of boho.

and now, trying to put this mod and black look in a political light, i've come up with this: politically, at least in north america, people are just getting tired. they are becoming jaded, and this affects the protests, and thus the hippie trend. they disassociate themselves from both, and do the total 60's opposite of boho -- mod. and when you compare this season's balck and grey stripped-down military mod look to earlier boho flouncy colourful styles, you see that the whole world is just getting a little more cynical. and that cynicisim translates into fashion, where maybe most designers just don't what to try as much. instead of creating completely ( or almost completely) new looks, they just borrow from another era, either for comfort of to comment on the current state of things, and relate it to another time. that relation then goes back to comfort.

after the cynical feelings we all just went crazy. going into the 80's materialism - shopping for happiness. with shiny spandex and and crazzy colours we needed a distraction from the political world. and now.. as we go even wilder , to the return of the spice girls 90's and the wild extent of the fashions. we seem to be coming full circle. what most people don't realize is the feelings we have about the world are reflected in the fashions of the time. now that we've come first circle it's time for an apocalypse.