29 February 2008

C'est impossible

you cant just close a field...

The Wheels On The Bus

Go round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town

I would like to introduce you to my school bag. He has served me well and continues to. YAY, my outfit was slightly on the boring side, but hey, its Friday, all i could think of was getting out of school!

Happy leap day everyone!

fuck the fashion police.

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"Goonies never say die."

28 February 2008

ill confess all of my sins after several large gins

Agenda Musings

School is a very productive place, not gonna lie

design one.


You're Lame

My grandmother is coming from California today. She nicely got me a sweater last year from the museum she works at. I like it quite a bit, but it's pretty large on me. I wanted her to see that I liked it, so I wanted to wear it today! I decided to wear it with my black lame' leggings for a grungy and comfy kind of look. I added some grey converse and i was off! Today was slightly more eventful then the usual school day. I went to see a play at a local theater and only had to go to 1st, 1/2 of 6th, and 7h period!

I hope my grandmother can see i appreciate her!

27 February 2008

just an introduction.

new to line of ideas on what fashion could be. to be honest.fashion isn't who is wearing it....fashion isnt what they are wearing it..it is in fact HOW. Fashion is an idea. it is much like art.
one searches for purpose in words..in expression and ideas. one trys to set themselves apart through these..sometimes they miss..but sometimes they hit the spot. it is all a matter of taste. fashion is not right. nor is it wrong.
i am told that i am not an individual. that i am merely made of of others ideas. perhaps this is correct. perhaps i am but a fraction of the everyone elses thoughts. even so. it is through these ideas that i discover me. ..even if it is a just a fraction.
i however. would like to believe that i am an individual. sure i spot the uniqueness in others...however i deconstruct it..and make it my own. and this is how fashion is built. through a web of ideas. that are tweaked...and made ones own.
just an introduction. to my ideas.
sarah. x

j'étais un lapin


here's a laugh.

" the people over whom we reign, being unable to apprehend the basic reality of things, usually derive their opinions from what they can see with their eyes."
- Louis XIV

Self centred, but in a way true, your style is a way of demonstrating who you are to the people who have yet to meet you. The people you see on the street of in the hallways from a glance form their opinions. We can't help it; we are all guilty of it. That might sound shallow but nevertheless; your style creates your aura.

Fashion is so much more that just getting dressed in the morning. Fashion and style are possibly one of the greatest forms of self expression in the world. Looking back on decades and centuries and eras, clothing styles are one of the first images that come to mind. Fashion icons, cuts and styles of clothing, details and designs... all of these things come to mind when looking back in time.

Then back to our daily lives. Even people who couldn't care less about fashion are touched by the influences of it everyday through impressions. One of the first things you notice about someone is what they're wearing and often times we make judgments, as I stated before. I’ve seen so many people who will meet a person for the first time and instantly label them or create a semi-conclusion of what that person is like. And these judgments change according to what aura you create. It’s all up to you.


le geek, c'est chic


Dress like you mean it?

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Everybody and their dog can dye their hair red, but how many people do you know with a McDonald's logo on their head?
-Iana Witham

26 February 2008


Oh I'm just kidding! i didn't get suspended, i did however, wear some pretty nifty suspenders! I bought them at H&M. They were the last pair, and i was ecstatic when i found them laying randomly near some hats! After a few tries, i decided the best way to go about wearing them would be monochromatic. I added a fun patterned scarf and flats to make it a bit less BLAHHHHH. I hope you can excuse my morbid look and untamed hair in the first picture, i ended up wearing my hair down and my beret. I have worn my beret to school many times, but today was the first time i kept it on during school for the majority of the day at least. Ha, I didn't get yelled at once! so it was quite exciting!

Ah, My social studies teacher was wearing suspenders today . Luckily, he is to oblivious to notice, that i too was wearing some!

well, thats all for now

that's all that i've got to say... about that.


they call it a bow.




there's something crazy about red.


The Fashion Apocalypse.

The fashions of most time periods revisit other years in a small way, but the trends of these early 2000's are simply picking an era every season to get completely into.
Fashion reflects our thoughts and this plays into the political/ social scene because at the moment everyone's scared, whether of terrorists, invading countries, diseases, or more inward and personal issues.

Think back to around (maybe slightly after) 9/11, when the 1950's look was really stylish. Everyone reminisces as that era (meaning the 50's) being so wholesome, classic, and safe. People were scared, and wanted to go back to that feeling. Perhaps designers were thinking a little deeper, about things like the space race, the cold war, etc. those events were unsettling and somewhat mirrored the US and its relations in 2001/2002.

Then things started to change later on, with more and more people realizing that George Bush is a total douche. They protested and tried to change things, similar to the hippies and protesters of the 1960's. Except at that time, the protesters actually effected things. The protest hippie feeling is the political root of boho. Now, trying to put this mod and black look in a political light, I’ve come up with this: politically, at least in North America, people are just getting tired. They are becoming jaded, and this affects the protests, and thus the hippie trend. They disassociate themselves from both, and do the total 60's opposite of boho -- mod. and when you compare this season's black and grey stripped-down military mod look to earlier boho flouncy colourful styles, you see that the whole world is just getting a little more cynical. That cynicism translates into fashion, where maybe most designers just don't what to try as much. Instead of creating completely (or almost completely) new looks, they just borrow from another era, either for comfort of to comment on the current state of things, and relate it to another time. That relation then goes back to comfort.

After the cynical feelings we all just went crazy. Going into the 80's materialism and shopping for happiness. With shiny spandex and crayola colours we needed a distraction from the political world. And even now, as we bring this trend to an even greater extent with the return of the spice girl 90's it becomes clear that our social feelings are reflected in the fashions. We seem to be coming full circle. What most people don't realize is the feelings we have about the world are reflected in the fashions of the time. Now that we have come full circle it's seems time for an apocalypse.


24 February 2008

People Watching

I love people watching. Just to observe different people at different points in their lives is something so amusing. The other day on the train, I saw an interesting guy. I ripped out a sheet of staff paper from my music theory notebook and started scribbling. Here's what I wrote down:
"The guy on the train in front of me hobbled onto his seat with his big old-looking suitcase. He was wearing a pair of regular-joe-semi-unflattering jeans, a polo shirt, and an old worn out leather jacket. When he was finally seated, he looked out the opposite window and tried eagerly to wave to whoever he was leaving. I don't know if they saw him (I don't think so) but when they were finally out of sight, he let out a big sigh and dug into his dunkin donuts breakfast sandwich. Who knows. Maybe he is starting a brand new chapter in his life. Or maybe not...who knows?"

The thing though, that I guess I was really trying to capture, was the fact that the way he eagerly looked out to the person he was leaving was so recognizable to me. Even though I had never met this guy, or even seen him in my life before, (actually, I didn't even see his face(!)...only the back of his head) I too can remember looking back at someone I love, trying to hold on to them with my eyes for as long as I can before we have to be separated; until I know, for sure, that they are truly out of my sight. It's a desperation to hold on to the old, the familiar. And a reluctance to be thrown into that new situation. Stupid train, why did it have to move in the first place. Why did it have to take this guy away from what he truly loved?

Maybe its so that he appreciates his loved ones more. That's why trains move. That's why life moves. Because if we stand still all the time, we're just spoiled silly. Not subject to change, immune to time.

People can't be immune to time. That's why the train moved.


i believe in love, beauty, and elton john.

i may be the first to say this but i gotta say it nonetheless...
frankly, i love uglies. i love odd faces, something different, something distinct. the plain-ness of pretty has got me down to the point of screw it, it's time for uglies.

i found a quote that pretty much sums up my thoughts...
"there is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion"
- Francis Bacon

that seventies show


give me colour


milk and cookies


23 February 2008

the figs

My grandfather planted a fig tree in his garden, and my grandmother used to sit me on her lap, where the sun shone on her white hair, where the wind used to blow the fragrance of roses and jasmine our way in the humid afternoon. We were shielded by grape vines and she spoke to me in arabic, “Habibti, kele koz ateen.” My love, Eat this fig. Reluctantly, I took a bite, and that was my first slice of heaven.

And as I wear this Moustache dress from downtown Beirut, with American Apparel stockings, sweet memories flow into my mind, and I smile, just a little, when I think, ‘who said fashion and food couldn’t go together?’


all i learned last summer


19 February 2008

Is it bad?

Is it bad that I like music so much? Is it? Is it bad that the sound emerging from my earphones can make me cry? Make me laugh? Is it bad that my mood can change when the song changes? When I press the "next" button? Is it bad that I have become so dependent on the songs of others? Is it bad that I break it down every time I hear a good beat? How is it that as a society we are all slaves to music? Maybe it's the fact that humanity is obsessed with its own creativity. But look at it. Music can make me practically feel in love, or it can make me cry. And laugh, and scream louder and louder. Whenever I feel something, music is there to accompany my emotions. And when I have none, well the, I guess it's just there to create emotion in me.

But wait, is it bad that most of the music that this society listens to is created, not by those who find a passion in it, but are just looking to be famous? Make money? Etc? Doesn't that take away from it then? Shows like American Idol where the winner emerges as a celebrity and is photographed everywhere, talked about everywhere, and admired by everyone. Sometimes I wonder, is it the music that really drives these contestants, or is it the attention that they get?

Maybe this is all bad. Because maybe what they're saying is right. Those critics everywhere. They tell me that nobody talks to each other because we've all got our headphones permanently attached to us at the ear. Long car ride? On-the-go playlist on your ipod will do the trick. And when it runs out of battery? Oh damn. Half an hour of boredom. What ever happened to those cheesy car games? I Spy? Songs on the road? Finger chess? Nope its just me and my ipod now.

What do we do about all of this?

You tell me.


17 February 2008

only two weeks.

till paris. i was wondering what you guys would like me to take photos of while i'm living there.
let me know.

caught me in the moment


ho ho


15 February 2008

Beautiful Weather.

You know what I think? I think that "beautiful weather" is so overrated. Sure the sun is out, and the sky is a radiant shade of blue (so glorious and unique that you can find it in your Crayola 64 crayon set...remember how they had the crayon sharpeners in the boxes?!), but have you ever looked outside while its snowing really hard, or raining really hard and wondered, "What a cool shot that would be!" Well, I have. It's just that, I can't picture a world where it's sunny all the time. Sunny and perfect. Perfect? Puh-lease. I think that the rain, and the hailstorms, and the snow that goes up to your thighs, or barely covers the grass is one of the most beautiful parts of this earth. I love it when it is super foggy, and everything looks fuzzy and dark, with lights popping out emerging from the shadows. Think about it, everything looks different all the time. It makes everything worth looking at, everything worth taking a picture of.

I guess this relates to people too. One beauty standard? I think not. The thing that makes you different makes you beautiful. Your big nose, your bushy eyebrows, your thin lips...You think people are beautiful because they're in magazines? I kind of disagree. Do you think celebs who get nose jobs/botox are beautiful? If everyone conforms to one standard, where's the beauty if everyone looks the same? I think what this society needs to realize is that those of us who are not afraid to leave the house looking the way we do naturally are the most beautiful. Yeah, I have lopsided ears, and a big nose, and huge calves, but if I changed all that, who would I be?

Certainly not Fréd. =)

14 February 2008

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it's a big aspect

Don’t escape it, don’t.

Do embrace it, do.

Use your culture to guide your style.


10 February 2008

Hello, Dolly!

Be yourself babe.


06 February 2008

Weird Clothes.

So story: The other day, I was going to the post office to mail something for my mother. I was standing in line waiting for my turn when this little boy (who was probably 3?) poked me and said, "Why do you wear silly clothes like that?" His mother was all like "Tim! Please apologize!!! I'm so sorry! He just likes to ask too many questions sometimes! Tim! What do you say to this nice girl..."

But instead of just accepting the apology, and then running away to hide, I thought to myself, why do I wear such strange clothes?

And I came up with this: I feel as though it is my responsibility to feel good in what I wear, almost as if my clothes are a part of me, and they speak on my behalf. Sometimes, I look at pictures, like this one, and I think to myself, "What the hell was I thinking when I put this on?" But I almost realize that it doesn't really matter. Sure, I'm mortified now of some of my fashion choices, but wouldn't you rather put on a crazy outfit, and feel good, then wear the typical jeans and a tee every single day and feel like something is missing?

Maybe some of you would disagree with me, but I guess that's what makes fashion so interesting. Yes, fashion is "what's in and what's out" (I'm sure that Heidi Klum would agree...) but I think it is also an expression of self. And wearing something crazy, to me, shows that you are comfortable with yourself. By avoiding the norm, you are put on a pedestal and the world is watching. They'll probably hate it, (or maybe they'll love it) but regardless, you were brave enough to jump on that pedestal in the first place. They're only watching.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't be afraid to look different! Take risks! They may have horrible and regretful outcomes, but I would rather wear that "silly" outfit any day then be looking up at others on the pedestal.


accessories are priceless

and necessary

05 February 2008

everything, everthing, everything.

The term fashion usually applies to a prevailing mode of expression, but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all. Inherent in the term is the idea that the mode will change more quickly than the culture as a whole. The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" are emplyed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current expression. If that means advertising lame logoes across our nunga nungas, then frankly, I'd rather be unfashionable. Fashions are social psychology phenomena and it seems we've all become label whores.

i'm hoping with chance, you might take this dance

you're my number one guy.

03 February 2008


sometimes, dreamers need to do
and doers need to dream...


02 February 2008

tick tock tick tock

"Time flies when you're having fun!"

Yeah..thats what they all say. But think about it, the importance of time. Time is the very rhythm that our hearts beat at, time is in the air that we breathe, the words that we say, the outfits we wear, the pictures we paint. Time is everywhere. Being a musician, I guess that I am very sensitive to time. You have to place each note exactly right after all...but one thing that I think is interesting about time is how fast/slow it seems to go. How ironic is it that something that is and has been perfectly stationary since forever can sometimes seem fast, and sometimes seem slow. I remember being a tiny little freshman (okay..so I probably wasn't tiny) at freshman orientation, and I remember clearly what our principal told us. He said that, "High school will go by so fast, you won't even know where it went!". I sat there like...okay...can I just find out where my locker is please? So I imagined myself turning the combo on my locker and opening it. Sooner rather than later, I was there. Whoa, I thought, that went by fast. And I completely forgot everything else. It was just this weird feeling. Other times though, like when you're little, and your Mum gives you a time out for expressing your artistic talents on the wall? (Say with ketchup?) and you have to sit there, in the corner, the stupid seconds tick so slowly that you've literally starting to see hover cars, because you think you've waited so long that its now 2050. I just find that crazy. Time time time. What a silly thing.

You know what else? Yeah, okay I've said this like 20 times already, I'm a musician; I play the violin. So yeah, I do spend a lot of time practicing. The other day I had this huge audition, and it suddenly occurred to me that I've spent probably a hundred hours, at least, prepping for this audition. Do you know how long auditions last? Like five minutes. I've spent so long, learning this piece, that I am only going to play once, for five minutes. I guess this stresses the importance of time. Some moments may seem less important than others, but what if they all are equally important. Yes, if I had not spent the time to work for this audition, I probably wouldn't have made it. But also, what would all this practicing be for without the audition date looming? Or maybe here's what happened. It was the time invested in practicing that made the audition important.

Or maybe not. Who knows.

Okay so one last point. You know how people tell you that you have to enjoy every good moment and you can't take anything for granted? I almost don't believe that. Because think about it, if you do spend time appreciating everything, does it really seem that special? These days, when I sit down to start my homework, I miss being in 2nd grade and having to study for a spelling test where the words are like "clock, book, sock, tree" ahh. The good old days. But wouldn't it have been odd to be a second grader saying, "GEE! I'M SO LUCKY THAT I AM LEARNING HOW TO SPELL SOCK! OR BOOK! OR CLOCK! CORRECTLY!! INSTEAD OF STUDYING FOR AP HISTORY!!!" Wouldn't that just take all the fun away? It's like having Christmas every day. Sure you would get stuff every day (YOU WOULD GET STUFF EVERYDAY!!!) but doesn't that take away from the amazing feeling you get by spending time with your family? I don't know thats just me. Maybe I feel that the best moments are subconsciously enjoyed instead of "GOSH!-THIS-IS-THE-BEST-MOMENT-EVER-YAY!"-ly enjoyed.

But that's just me.