29 June 2008

lifting my face to the breaking day

oh i'm just trying to do my best

i'm not afraid of life, i'm afraid of death

build my love in the things i say

you've gotta lift your face to the breaking day

(Voxtrot - Blood Red Blood)

So, despite Dion's rather horrid sense of head wear throughout the movie, I still think that Clueless is one of the best films ever produced. Like, for me this rivals The Godfather, Scarface, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, if they were all melted together into one movie and instead of a bunch of Italian mobsters, Latin American drug dealers, and hobbits, there were very pretty, very spoiled, very shallow (or are they?) valley girls all over the place. Who says you can't dress up in an outfit consisting entirely of yellow plaid? Not I. [Actually, I should probably confess that after watching this movie too many times recently, I am developing a rather dangerous obsession with all things plaid. Shirts, skirts, you name it. It's fabulously tacky and I adore every minute of it.] I appreciate Cher's, Dion's, and Ty's bold sense of fun and the way they seem to say "fuck it, I want to wear lingerie to school in order to entice that brutally hot new guy, who will soon turn out to be gay but is nevertheless completely precious". Honestly, in all fairness, and because I love this movie too much to just complain about the 90s fashion, for every truly hideous crop top, there is an equally gorgeous Calvin Klein slip dress. Oh, and Paul Rudd. Yum. Wait. Was I getting somewhere? Oh yeah. The girls of Clueless know that fashion is about fun and freedom of expression and, ok, sometimes making that cutie in debate class think about you naked. But only sometimes. So for the most part, I say fuck it. Don your yellow plaid and plastic hats. I'll still think you're a total betty.

27 June 2008

Zoe Kravitz...

she makes my heart smile.

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Vogue Germany June 2008: Anja Rubik

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Now that is an impressive cover! This is what a Vogue cover should look like! Not...with a stiff Nicole Kidman, and a spread inside, that has been done so many times before. Ugh...American Vogue...what to do with American Vogue.

Enjoy, lambs.


26 June 2008

black and white.

just thinking about how much i wish there were more movies like these, to sit in a movie theater and watch clark gable swoop in on a black and white screen and fall in love with some lonely or trouble girl. we have movies now, movies i love and watch again and again. but these are...deeper. classics? fantasies? seeing them just fills people with power. not movies, but life as what we all wish life could be. i guess thats why i love them.


25 June 2008

You know what I discovered today.

Every syllable that passes my lips is hollow. I speak empty words. My sentences, formed with the aid of pretty language, mean nothing.

I am one fat, beautiful lie.
And so is the World.

Wouldn't you agree?

Bug Eyed Beauty

My friends make fun of the sunglasses I wear because they take over my whole face.
But maybe I like it that way.


I think Cintia Dicker is absolutely beautiful. I mean, gorgeous. And you know why?
I adore freckles. On everyone. I think they're so stunning. Why do some people not like them? Why do girls try to hide them? Embrace the freckles. Embrace what makes you unique, because what makes you unique makes you beautiful. Flaws are only flaws until we can reconcile internally that our freckles or strong nose or mole or huge curly head of hair is a bad thing. But to me, flaws are lovely. Flaws are imperfect, and that's what makes them powerful. I will always choose the person who is flawed, damaged, unconventional, and slightly askew. I will always choose the person who isn't quite what you had expected. I will always choose originality over normalcy.
And I will always, always, always love freckles.

24 June 2008


Am I the only one who thinks this is when a girl looks most beautiful? What's wrong with going against the grain?

Beauty isn't about being a slave to femininity. It's about having an aura. It's about displaying confidence. It's about feeling right in what you wear and what you have. Beauty isn't dressing how you are supposed to dress. It's about wearing what you want and knowing that you look great in it.

So, have fun with fashion. You are beautiful.


That's my name, darlings. Don't forget it. I'm one of the new style marauders, and I'm super excited to be a part of this team and put out some great posts for you guys to read.

Right now, I'll just be doing an inspiration post, but when I start to get into the groove of things I shall post not only inspiration, but I shall also post street style snapshots, fashion icons, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Okay, so...BE INSPIRED my lambs.

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Hope this tickles your fancy...in a nonsexual way. Ha.


23 June 2008

Pop surrealism

art [ahrt] –noun
1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

Given that the term “art” is so vague, it gives me the liberty to write about any form of expression with meaning and depth. Currently in Los Angeles, there is a growing art movement known as “Lowbrow Art” or “Pop Surrealism”. Sparked in the 1970’s, it is only in recent times has any one fully acknowledged this movement. Most of these works seem to have origins in street art and other Southern California subcultures and have expanded beyond the canvas. Artists, such as Kathie Olivias and Gary Baseman, are releasing toys to correspond with their paintings.

Camille Rose Garcia Gary Baseman Jeff Soto

Most Lowbrow artists combine both child and adult worlds. Paintings with round, playful characters that live in a dark environment comment on how these two worlds, child and adult, aren’t truly separate at all. They intertwine with each other and contribute to deepen our perspectives of the world.

-Dara the Dandy

22 June 2008

allons-y a la musica

Bill Cunningham told me about how young men's pants are dropping down as the stock market goes down.

Just like women's hemlines went down after the stock market crash of 1929. He says it all in the "multimedia presentation", stating that today's falling pants is the opposite of back then's falling hemlines. I think that was one of the first things he said. Both of them are falling, yet, one situation causes dress to be more conservative, while the other causes dress to be less conservative. To me, those falling skirt/dress hemlines seem to be saying that the nonsense of the 1920's is over, and it's time to get serious again. While dropping pants? I'm not sure what that says or implies about things, especially in relation to the economy.

Its all an interesting observation that I'll have to look into.
See it all for yourself:



21 June 2008

some things flare out with love, love, love.

when i remember high school
when i remember franklin
when i remember friends and family
when i remember loves, past and present
whenever i remember
i want to remember
that everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

also, if you haven't already done so, read slaughterhouse five by kurt vonnegut. immediately.

and while you're at it, listen to the mountain goats. i've been listening to "the mess inside" for about four days straight.

i wish i were kidding.

04 June 2008

Gym Class Heros

Life is too fun for jeans and oxford shirts all the time.

Let loose, be silly, have fun.