11 August 2008

Emmy's Been Gone For A While...

...but I'm baaaaccckkkk.

and I bought Chloe with me, and a list of my current obsessions.

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1. Marie Antoinette's jewels

2. my homemade pasta salad

3. Pucci wellies

4. Rihanna's everchanging nail colors

5. homemade cocktail rings.

So...lately I've been a bit busy to post, I've been working on my independent film, that I am writing, along with my sister, and its super time consuming...so, I'm gonna try and take breaks and do some posts, and come back with some really good things for you guys.

ALSO, I'll be updating MY personal blog: www.voguelover.blogspot.com as much as I can, as well.

Now...I am not using Style Marauders as a stepping stone for my blog, I am simply using my other blog as my normal outlet, and contributing to Style Marauders.

So...I've gotta go.

Hope you all missed me.

Love you like a coldsore.



NewYorkChique said...

oh yes, marie antoinette is quite the inspiration.

kelsea said...

good luck with your film!

emsie said...

i'm looking for inspiration from marie antoinette too. i love chloe too.

Anonymous said...

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