03 August 2008

Don't take things for granted. Or you'll soon forget.

I find that I often have a hard time remembering the things I took for granted.

Just a thought. 



Jay said...

Thats so true be thankful for what you have{ and dont be greddy}lol

Anonymous said...

this is a seriously lame blog

Frédérique said...

we don't need your seriously lame comments thanks.

Anonymous said...

can't handle the truth, it's okay...

Frédérique said...

constructive criticism is welcome.
but since your criticism has no intention of helping us out, it is not appreciated.

if you have anything to say, please email us at stylemarauders@gmail.com but don't post it here.

net etiquette!

L$D said...

HOV lanes?
Are the style marauders in Atlanta?
I'd be pleased to meet all of you creative souls.