24 July 2008

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis, painted by Titan in around 1555

Venus’ nudity shouldn’t be overlooked as it depicts her as a goddess and Adonis’ attire suggests that he is of mortal blood. Her body is draped over Adonis as means to restrain him from going out to hunt (which can be inferred with the dogs) and while Venus is desperate to keep Adonis with her, his face seems reassuring.

This painting speaks out on the power of love and the dedication towards the other person that accompanies such emotion. A moving piece of art allows people to relate to the objects within the context of the canvas. The portrayal of Venus can be connected to the families whose loved ones are fighting overseas in war. This attempt to keep them safe by pleading them to stay is acknowledged, but doesn’t keep them from fulfilling what they believe is an obligation.

-Dara the Dandy

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